DeMentri sues NBC 10, Delgado, for libel and slander

Former anchor Vince DeMentri has filed suit against NBC, NBC 10, anchor Lori Delgado, GM Dennis Bianchi and a male security guard identified only as "Don," in Common Pleas Court.

The filing was a "praecipe to issue writ of summons," one of two ways to initiate a lawsuit. Typically the move is done when a more detailed civil complaint is forthcoming. DeMentri's attorneys did not return a call yesterday seeking more information. According to court records, DeMentri is suing for libel and slander, though the full filing was not available yesterday at City Hall.


The station has never publicly commented on DeMentri's absence, which began July 3, after he met with news director Chris Blackman over an alleged incident in the station's Bala Cynwyd parking lot in which Delgado's car had been vandalized. As we have reported, DeMentri, who is now divorced, and Delgado, who is married, once enjoyed a particularly close friendship that soured at some point.

Delgado filed a report with the Lower Merion police. The township's spokeswoman, Brenda Viola, said the department considered the report a nonissue and was not pursuing the matter any further. Delgado's attorney, Eric Weitz, did not return our call yesterday. His client has not been seen on air for about a week.

An NBC 10 spokeswoman says Delgado is on a scheduled vacation. The spokeswoman, Eva Blackwell, declined comment on the suit, which was first reported in a recent video by's Marnie Hall. DeMentri declined comment by e-mail yesterday.