David Brenner tour starts here Friday

West Philly native comedian David Brenner kicks off what could be his final tour this week. He plays the Prince (1412 Chestnut) Friday and Saturday.

The 73-year-old comedian who attended Sayre Junior High and West Philly High School says its his "greatest bits tour," although much of his best material is ad-libbed and comes to him on stage. Brenner jokes that he might rent a tank from Hertz to drive around some of his old neighborhoods in West Philly. Brenner credits father Lou, a numbers runner and former Vaudeville entertainer, for his sense of humor.

The comic, who's been engaged for several years to former ice-skater Tai Babilonia, says he has always done Philadelphia material. "If these bits don't work in Philadelphia, there's something wrong with the audience," he says. Brenner arrived in town yesterday and is very excited to attend Leonard Cohen's concert tomorrow at the Academy of Music.