Damon Feldman sues Octomom over publicity stunt gone awry

Of all of Damon Feldman's cockamamie stunts, the one in which he and Octomom got engaged was the most ridiculous.

Now the Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter is suing Octomom, a/k/a Nadya Suleman, in Delaware County. The pair are due in court Wednesday in Broomall.

Feldman seeks his ring, which belonged to his ex-wife, or $7,500. He alleges that Suleman was supposed to return the ring after wearing it for a month to garner publicity for their fake engagement, but that she never did.

He "proposed" to Suleman in February, during a promotional appearance in Woodlyn, Delaware County.

He also states that he was to receive $5,000 for his participation in the stunt. Feldman asserts it was Suleman's manager, Gina Rodriguez, who concocted the chicanery.

"They are criminals," said Feldman, who himself recently came off probation after pleading guilty to state charges of fixing fights and promoting without a license. He was forbidden from promoting events in Pennsylvania, but now plans to do so again.

Neither Octomom nor Rodriguez returned requests for comment. It is unknown whether Suleman will be in court in Broomall on Wednesday. If she fails to show, legal sources say, a judgment could be imposed on her.

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