Court date for Canseco/Feldman fight

Damon Feldman with Jose Canseco (Or is it Ozzie?) several years ago.

We have a feeling Jose Canseco will not turn up, but there is a May 18 court date in Broomall for the former bad boy of boxing to appear to defend a small-claims-court suit brought by Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman. (Yes, yes, we're sick of him too).

Feldman sued Canseco for $7,500 after Canseco pulled the old switcheroo, sending his twin brother, Ozzie, to a recent bout in Florida in his place. Feldman is seeking to recoup fees and travel costs he paid Jose Canseco in advance of the fight, which never occurred.

Also, Feldman wants Canseco to answer questions as to whether it was him or Ozzie who previously fought three times in the Philadelphia area, including against NBC10's Vai Sikahema and 94 WYSP's Danny Bonaduce.

Canseco did not return a voice mail we left yesterday.

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