Comedian Dava Krause guests on 'House,' plays the Khyber Thursday

Dava Krause had a pretty good reason to miss her family's Passover seders this week. The Wynnewood- native comedian had to stay a few more days in Los Angeles to shoot a few scenes for her recurring role on "House."

Dava (pronounced Dave-uh) has been on two episodes of the show so far playing a hospital cafeteria cashier who caught House (Hugh Laurie) stealing a bagel.


Krause performs tomorrow night at the Khyber (56 S. 2nd) as part of the April Fool's Fest in what is also a release show for her first CD, "Child of the 80s." After graduating from the Baldwin School, Krause went to Northwestern University, during which she also studied improv at Second City when Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch were on the main stage. Krause started writing sketches and eventually monologues that led to stand-up. She moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and waited tables at the Comedy Store, where she met South Philly native Eleanor Kerrigan, who helped her get sets. Kerrigan, a comic, was once engaged to Andrew "Dice" Clay and still tours with him.

Krause, who says she's in her "late 20s," married 18 months ago to a very private guy who factors into her act.

"My stuff isn't completely vulgar, but you just have to be who you are . . . I have a song about farting, I'm a grown woman but it still makes me giggle," says Krause, who also has a bit about "tramp stamp" lower-back tattoos. Hers is two musical notes and a star.

Krause, a proud medical-marijuana user, says it helps with her anxiety. "You'd think moving to California would chill me out, but I'm still neurotic," she says.

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