Cherry Hill 'Big Brother' castmate's 'retards' comment offends autism group, and likely others

Cherry Hill native "Big Brother 9" housemate Adam Jasinski has angered Autism United with remarks made on Wednesday's episode of the CBS show referring to autistic people as "retards." TMZ reports that Autism United cheif John Gilmore sent a letter to Viacom honcho Sumner Redstone expressing his outrage over the Camden County Community College graduate's remarks, claiming CBS used Jasinski's offensive quote for "their own personal goals."

Gilmore's letter says that while "A large number of people with autism have mental retardation, a very large portion do not, and they are perfectly capable of understanding that they have been denigrated in an extremely demeaning way by a program broadcast for profit by CBS." Jasinsky, 29, is a public relations executive in Florida, but is sequestered in the "Big Brother" house and therefore unavailable for comment. If anyone still cares about this if and when he's kicked off the show by his housemates, we'll be curious to see if the spin doctor takes a turn at clearing up his own story.