Charles Barkley: It was 'an honor and a pleasure' to play with Manute Bol

"It was an honor and a pleasure to play with Manute. He was a wonderful guy," said Charles Barkley Saturday evening about his former Sixers teammate Manute Bol, who died Saturday, at 47, of kidney failure and a skin disease. "Me, him and Rick Mahorn were like three peas in a pod,"Barkley told us Saturday. "He was hilarious. Anytime anything would happen, a plane would be late, luggage would be lost, whatever, he would say 'You f---in' Americans,' It cracked me up every time," said Barkley, who also praised Bol's humanitarian efforts in his home country of Sudan. "Most of the money he got he sent back to Sudan," Barkley said of Bol, who had been sick for some time.