Celebrity Boxing's Damon Feldman under psychiatric care after suicide threat

Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman remains under psychiatric evaluation after a suicide threat Sunday. Broomall police took Feldman from his home without incident after responding to multiple calls from friends who had received an e-mail, unmistakably intended as a suicide note, from Feldman.

In the interest of full disclosure, Your Humble Narrator was among the recipients of the e-mail and immediately contacted authorities, who were already en route to Feldman's residence. After calling police, we reached Feldman, 40, who was despondent over recent charges brought by state Attorney General Tom Corbett that Feldman fixed fights and promoted fights without a license. After a few minutes, Feldman hung up, and until we spoke a little while later with his brother David, we weren't sure Feldman hadn't carried out the threat.


Yesterday, Feldman's wife, Rachael, said that she had spoken with her husband and that he was feeling better but would remain hospitalized for a few days.

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