CBS Broadcasting seeks to change venue of Alycia Lane lawsuit

This item has been updated to make more sense in English, not in legalese.

Updated again with comment from Lane attorney...

Attorneys for CBS Broadcasting filed papers in federal court today asking the court to move disgraced anchorbabe Alycia Lane's Common Pleas Court filing to the United States District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

CBS attorneys have asked the case be dismissed due to an improper venue of filing as Lane filed suit, in the form of a praecipe to issue writ of summons, in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court on Jan. 30. According to a portion of her employment contract with CBS3, quoted in the CBS federal filing, any disputes over her employment would be handled in the New York court system. Federal court cases allow parties in two diferent states, Lane in Pennsylvania, and CBS Broadcasting, based in New York to have an easier time obtaining discovery or evidence across state lines.

Lane's attorney Paul Rosen said depositions of CBS3 President Michael Colleran and News Director Susan Schiller were to be held tomorrow. "We learned that instead of intending to show up for their depositions they filed a notice to remove the case to Federal Court and avoid testifying," Rosen wrote in an e-mail. "Federal law does not permit a removal of a Writ of Summons to Federal court to prevent this unique right to its citizens and this delaying tactic to prevent the testimony and for Alycia to learn the motives of KYW will be met by our filing of an immediate motion to return this case to State Court where it belongs and for KYW to face the music," Rosen said.