Buzz Bissinger bashes ad man who printed barbs on his cards

Ad man Elliott Curson has embraced a recent insult from writer Buzz Bissinger by printing it on his new business card. "I never liked you. You aren't any good at what you do," is what Curson says Bissinger told him after the pair exchanged unpleasantries following a recent encounter at a Center City watering hole.

Now the quote appears on the cards, along with positive remarks that Curson says he got from clients such as Sen. Arlen Specter and former first lady Nancy Reagan. We asked Bissinger if he remembered the remark. The "Prayer for the City" and "Friday Night Lights" author replied: "I think what I said was: 'I can't stand you. I never liked you from the very first time I f---ing met you. You're an arrogant little p---k and think you know everything. Plus you suck at what you do.' " Heavy.

The dispute began after Curson took issue with comments Bissinger made about car ads. "I hope his quoting me on his business card generates lots of business for him, says Bissinger, "but I kind of doubt it. It seems rather pathetic to me."

Bissinger is working with "Friday Night Lights" actor Billy Bob Thornton on an adaptation of "Three Nights in August," his book about big-league baseball. Thornton will produce, but Bissinger, an ex-Inquirer reporter who now writes columns for the paper, isn't sure whether Thornton will act in it. Curson says he will include Bissinger's updated remarks on his next batch of business cards.

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