Business partner apologizes for Rob Guarino rant on their website

Newtown Square's Tom Walls, who partnered with Guarino in where the rant was posted and later removed, just sent us the following statement.
"I, Tom Walls regret posting any comments and blogs about Rob Guarino the weekend of January 9th and 10th. I apologize to Rob, the members of, his family and his place of employment. It was poor judgment on my part to post such “false” statements and comments about Rob. Rob never had relations with my girlfriend. I was mistaken in making such a claim. In addition, I do not believe that Rob committed any financial or professional fraud or deceit in any of his dealing with me or any other person. My comments should not in any way reflect on Rob’s past or present personal or professional accomplishments or activities. I will be giving Rob full control of in the near future."
"I'm glad this is over and we can move on," says Guarino, who is now working as a media consultant at Trellist, a Delaware marketing and technology company.