Brasserie Perrier to become an Apple store?

You can no longer get a bite or a drink at Brasserie Perrier, but you may soon be able to buy an iPod or an iMac there.
An Apple store may soon be opening at 1619 Walnut where Georges Perrier and Chris Scarduzio just closed their Brasserie Perrier restaurant. Apple has already signed a lease to take over the property, which would be the first Apple store in Philadelphia, according to reports on MacNN and AppleInsider.

"We have made no announcements about a store in that location and we don't comment on rumors," an Apple spokeswoman told us this afternoon. 


"We have not signed anything with Apple, but we have been talking to them," Gary Silvi, president of Vesper Group Properties, which owns the building, said moments ago. "We have also been talking to other high-end retailers," said Silvi, who hopes to lock-in a tenant by the end of March. The first and second floors of the building are about 10,000 square- feet and there is a 3,000 square-foot basement that could also be part of a lease, Silvi tells us.

He's looking for a 10-year-lease with whatever business signs on and said that similar Walnut Street first-floor property has leased out not long ago for roughly $130 to $140 per-foot. He's confident someone will soon sign on. "How often do you get to lock in a great location on Walnut Street, the retail epicenter," Silvi said.