Bonaduce To Combat Shrinkage Image?

WILL BROOMALL-born Danny Bonaduce pose nude in the March issue of Penthouse?

TMZ says he'll do so to redeem his manhood after Perez Hilton posted these pics (WHICH CONTAIN NUDITY) of the "Partridge Family" actor's baby bird taken when he stripped naked last month at San Francisco's Erotic Ball. Bonaduce, as we reported Tuesday, will be at the Marple Sports Arena Jan. 19 to fight an as-yet-undetermined challenger, in a bout promoted by - who else? - Damon Feldman.

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Interested contenders can sign up at Oasis Gentlemen's Club (6800 Essington) from 2 to 4 p.m. tomorrow. A Penthouse spokeswoman says Bonaduce was interviewed for the March Pet of the Year issue, but as for whether he'll be seen nude, she replied, "The issue hits the newsstands on February 19th, so time will tell . . . "

We were unable to reach Bonaduce by phone last night.

Meanwhile the actor, who lived in Manayunk while hosting mornings at Eagle 106 in the early 1990s will be hosting a new reality show for VH1, "So You Think Your Kid's A Star," beginning in March.

Photo Credit: Brett Mickelson