Bonaduce, Sikahema both emerge victorious

In a decision that was met with a chant of "It was fixed" by many in the crowd at the Marple Sports Arena in Broomall Saturday night, Danny Bonaduce was declared the winner, unanimous by three judges, over Wired 96.5's Justice.

The Broomall-born actor was full of energy, throwing many more punches than he landed, but he did connect a number of blows, as did Justice, aka Justin Scheman, of the Chio in the Morning show. Justice could have just as easily been called the winner, in our inexpert opinion. Justice's colleagues including Chio, G-N Kang, Kannon and Casey, along with her girlfriend Kim Douglas, formerly of 94 WYSP were in the house cheering him on. Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown and wife Jenny sat with the Wired crew taking in the excitement.

Before the fight we chatted with Bonaduce who had just gotten a brief pep talk from Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins, who served as one of Vai Sikahema's cornermen when the NBC10 sports director defeated 95.7 BEN FM's Dave Cruise. For a minute we thought Bonaduce and his estranged wife Gretchen had reconciled, but we were then introduced to Amy Railsback, a 25-year-old dead ringer for Bonaduce's former bride. She's a school teacher in California where the pair met in a Starbucks 10 months ago and they've been dating since, now living together.

Bonaduce and Railsback were planning to hit the Liberty Bell and other touristy stuff today. Bonaduce's nephew Dominic Bonaduce, who studies philosophy at The Catholic University in Washington D.C. came up to cheer on his uncle.

NBC10's Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz and the retired Bill Baldini were there to support Sikahema.  So were a large crew of the Tongan Terror Sikahema's extended family, who escorted him to the ring with fire dancing, drums, chanting and all around showmanship which had the crowd on its feet cheering and clapping along.

Cruise put up a good fight against Sikahema, the former NFL player and Golden Gloves boxer in his teens. Cruise was new to boxing but was a longtime practitioner of tae kwan do. His co-host Marilyn Russell was part of the crowd.

Promoter Damon Feldman had nine other boxing matches on the card to keep the action going all night. A portion of the proceeds went to benefit the Don Guanella School for developmentally disabled boys. A few Don Guanella students performed "God Bless America," before the night of boxing and skin courtesy of the Philly Music Video girls