Bolaris brings storm of the century against his Twitter impostor

The storm of the century could be brewing between Fox 29 meteorologist John Bolaris and his Twitter impostor.

Bolaris signed up for Twitter Thursday @john_bolaris. Why not @johnbolaris? Because since January 2010 that account has been used to mock him by a prankster who will be hearing from attorney Chuck Peruto, Jr. today according to Bolaris.


The Weatherman tells us he only learned Thursday of the fake account which posts regularly about Bolaris womanizing and pushing 60, (He's 53). Real Bolaris says a female friend of his had engaged in conversation with his imposter without realizing it wasn't him.

The fake Bolaris,  who does admit in his profile that he's a satirical account, had 245 followers yesterday afternoon while the real Bolaris, who joined Thursday, had 185 followers. We tried to reach the imposter, but he didn't return our tweet.

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UPDATE: The fake Bolaris account was removed Tuesday morning.