'Bandstand' Bunny dancing on 'Glee'

"American Bandstand" dancer Bunny Gibson will be seen in Tuesday's episode of the Fox musical hit, "Glee."

Bunny Gibson with a Day of the Child contestant

Be warned, Gleeks, about mild spoilers in the next sentence.

Gibson, a Darby native and Northeast High grad, will be seen dancing in a wheelchair as one of The Hipsters, a group of seniors who go back to high school and compete against Lea Michelle, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer and the rest of the "Glee" regulars.

"When I was on the set, I looked back at my teenage AB ["American Bandstand"] days and just felt so grateful to be able, after fifty years, to dance on another great show like "Glee," says Gibson, who added that she had a blast working with the show's choreographer, Zach Woodlee.

Gibson also just finished the seventh Day of the Child dance contest for Children Uniting Nations in Los Angeles. All of her students are "winners" and get prizes. "It was wonderful to see the kids so happy and have a chance to give back the 'joy of dancing' that I had as a teenager on American Bandstand," she said.

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