Anthony Bourdain Hates Philly, Animals


“Honestly, I’ve never even bothered with Philly,” says bad boy chef/author/TV host Anthony Bourdain to the Philadelphia Weekly's Josh Valocchi. "It seems to me it's a two-horse town: Starr and Perrier." Clearly he's forgotten several other major players: Barbaro (RIP), Smarty Jones and Afleet Alex.

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Bourdain, who reads from his new book "No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach" at the Free Library Saturday (2 p.m., It's free), also complains to the PW about "the worst kind of terrorists," animal-rights groups such as Hugs for Puppies, which recently protested foie gras, made from torturing ducks.

“These fucking people are not really all about us not eating duck liver,” snarls Bourdain. “No, no, no. They don’t want us eating any animal product whatsoever. These people...must be stopped.”

A call to Hugs for Puppies seeking a rebuttal was not immediately returned.

UPDATED DEC. 4: Nick Cooney, director of Hugs for Puppies calls Bourdain's comments as "obviously rhetoric that means very little." Cooney says people protesting outside restaurants do not deserve to be called terrorists..