Angel Ortiz dressing 'Ugly?'

The real father of "Ugly Betty" actress Ana Ortiz may have inspired the on-screen fashions of her TV father, Tony Plana. Former City Councilman Angel Ortiz says he wore a guayabera, a button-down shirt popular in Latin America, to the recent "Ugly Betty" premiere party in New York where Plana and several others complimented him on the garment. Ana, who attended the University of the Arts, told him later that Plana was really taken by the guayabera and wanted the wardrobe department to get him some to wear on the show so Angel told her that he'd gotten it at King of the Guayaberas in Miami. It was the same shirt Angel Ortiz wore last year to the wedding of Ana and musician Noah Lebenzon in Puerto Rico. The former councilman is now working to get Barack Obama elected and following his 14-year-old son, Omar, and the other players on the football team of Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School.