Alycia to anchor in San Diego?

Alycia Lane has been offered a main-anchor slot at San Diego's KUSI-51, reports NewsBlues, a TV industry Web site. The site says that Lane is "considering the offer." Our e-mail to Lane's agent, and multiple calls to KUSI, have not been returned since Friday. KUSI's News Director is Steve Cohen who formerly held that title here at NBC10. Lane's been seeking a television gig since she was fired from CBS 3 in January.

UPDATE: "I trust you will print the truth, and no longer comment in your column on unsubstantiated rumors from gossipy web sites," writes Lane's agent Gregg Willinger, who also states that the NewsBlues report about San Diego is "not true." We last head from Willinger last month when he called to incorrectly argue that the writ of summons his client filed in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court in January is not a lawsuit, but he was wrong. It is. No word yet from KUSI.