Allen Iverson does the unthinkable. He wears a Cowboys hat

Allen Iverson, who teared up while professing his love for Philadelphia when he re-joined the 76ers, showed up for last night's away game against the Denver Nuggets, in a Dallas Cowboys hat, The 700 Level reports.

WTF? Did he lose a bet?

We can only imagine Iverson was aware that the Cowboys had just bludgeoned the Eagles, for whom his friend Michael Vick plays, and that the two teams would face off again next week. Perhaps he can't envision the Sixers in the playoffs, understandably so, but how would he feel if Donovan McNabb sported the opposing team's gear?

We asked the Sixers for a statement from Iverson about this offense and will update the post if we get one.

UPDATE: No word from the team, but we have learned independently that Iverson has for some reason been a Cowboys fan since he was 5, though the Redskins would seem a likelier choice for the Virginia-raised Iverson.