Aerosmith visit with Hurricane Sandy rescue workers at Revel

Aerosmith meet with Hurricane Sandy rescue workers at Revel in Atlantic City before their Nov. 23, 2012 concert.

The Germantown native stuntwoman doubled for Beyoncé in "Obsessed," for Rihanna in "Battleship," and Fox in "Kill Bill" and also spent five weeks in Istanbul working on "Skyfall," the new James Bond film in theaters now.

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Here's Aerosmith posing with a group of first responders from Atlantic City and Brigantine before the group's show Friday at Revel in Atlantic City.

Darin Lorady and Thomas Moynihan surround the band's frontman Steven Tyler (third from right) while Eugene Laielli stands on the left. Drummer Joey Kramer, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are to Laielli's left and bassist Tom Hamilton is on the far right.

As we reported in Monday's Daily News, in addition to meeting the rescue and recovery workers who recently dealt with Hurricane Sandy, Aerosmith were also visited backstage by psychic medium Theresa Caputo who watched their show from the side of the stage where she was hugged by Tyler at one point.

Photo: Bill McCay/Getty Images