A statement on the legal settlement with Alycia Lane

In Saturday's Inquirer and Daily News it was reported that a confidential settlement had been reached between me and former CBS 3 anchor Alycia Lane that resulted in my being dropped as a defendant in her civil conspiracy case that is ongoing against former co-anchor Larry Mendte and CBS 3 which fired them both in 2008.

In providing comment to the papers I took the high road, in accordance with the terms of the settlement, and said that I was confident I would have been vindicated had the case gone to trial as I had done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, Lane's attorney Paul Rosen acted irresponsibly and in violation of the spirit of the agreement by remarking that the settlement was "a nice Christmas present for Alycia Lane."

Our decision to settle was based solely on the reality that it would cost our insurance carrier more to litigate these claims against me than to settle and put the matter behind us. It is truly unfortunate that, in America, you can be forced to pay money to settle claims that you know are false.

By mutual agreement, the amount paid to Lane must be kept confidential, but if it were up to me and it were my money, not the insurance carrier's, neither Lane nor Rosen would have received a dime.

I will continue to cooperate in the case at deposition and trial and, as always, will answer questions honestly, some of which Lane and Rosen may be sorry were asked.