PhillyGossip Archive: July, 2009

Rihanna wears West Philly woman's jeans

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The phones at the Los Angeles studio of West Philadelphia native fashion designer Rashida Blalock have been ringing off the hook since Rihanna... Read more

Why is 6ABC's Rick Williams wearing a curly wig and candle hands?

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Here’s Action News anchor Rick Williams in costume as Lumiere the French candlestick for the Moorestown Theater Company’s production... Read more

"Beloved" mansion on sale for $6 million

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A palatial Washington Square West-area home used to shoot the film "Beloved," is on the market for just under $6 million. The six-bedroom... Read more

Bam Margera's mom says dehydration, not OD, sent him to ER

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Bam Margera's mother April says her son was "severely dehydrated" and that's why the West Chester area "Jackass," was rushed... Read more

See you next week...

Your Humble Narrator will be off until Monday, July 20, training for a Butterscotch Krimpet-eating contest. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves... Read more

Sharon Gless here next week for Q Fest honor

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“I am not gay, but I am festive,” says actress Sharon Gless who receives the Gay Icon Award Sunday after a Philadelphia Q Fest... Read more

Baby mama drama for Raheem Brock

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Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Raheem Brock is behind on child support by more than $7,500, ex-wife Deziree Williams said. Brock and... Read more

Nicholson, Rudd shoot scene together near City Hall

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Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd worked together on a scene yesterday for the untitled James L. Brooks romantic comedy that was shooting for a... Read more