Ryan Howard's girl upsets Eagles Cheerleaders by skipping practice for him

Krystle Campbell upset a number of her fellow Eagles cheerleaders when she missed practice to spend time with her boyfriend, rehabbing Phillies slugger Ryan Howard, in his hometown of St. Louis when the Phillies played the Cardinals on July 19-22.

We're told that Campbell did not tell her coaches why she was missing practice and that she won't face discipline for being absent. Cheerleaders are supposed to miss practice only if they are ill or there is a death in the family. Previous absentees have been made to work games in the luxury suites rather than dance on the field as punishment.

Krystle Campbell is photographed leaving the Rothman Institute Tuesday with Ryan Howard and looking at the phone that she did not use to return our call or e-mail. Photo: Alejandro A. Alvarez/Staff Photographer

Campbell, who accompanied Howard to the Rothman Institute at Jefferson Hospital yesterday, is a suburban teacher and briefly dated Flyers center Jeff Carter before getting together with Howard about a year ago. She's been an Eagles cheerleader for several years.

We hear Howard likes that Campbell is on the squad and encouraged her to try out again this year.

"All of our cheerleaders adhere to the same guidelines. No exceptions," Eagles cheerleader director Barbara Zaun said yesterday. Campbell did not respond to our phone call or e-mail.

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