94 WYSP may flip to classic rock, Opie & Anthony may return

94 WYSP is considering flipping formats to classic rock around Labor Day, sources say.

We're told that the plan is to drop contemporary artists and go back to hits of the '70s and '80s to go after 102.9 WMGK's listeners. Labor Day is a typical time for radio shake-ups. The station has been struggling to find an identity and listeners since it fired its franchise talent, Kidd Chris, in May over a racist song performed by a guest in March.

WYSP boss Jim Loftus did not return a call yesterday. Making things more interesting is word that Opie & Anthony, fired from 'YSP in October, may return to the station. Their agent, Bob Eatman, said as much on O&A's XM Satellite Radio show yesterday, according to FMQB.com. Their return depends on the yet-to-be-completed Sirius/ XM Satellite Radio mergers. Eatman did not return our call yesterday afternoon.