Dave Grohl, Nirvana's Novoselic, big fans of Philly's Bleeding Rainbow

Not every band is praised by not only one, but both surviving members of Nirvana. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, the former Nirvana drummer, said on comedian Marc Maron's WTF podcast that he loved Philly rockers Bleeding Rainbow. Ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic posted his appreciation last week.

"We all really freaked out when we first saw the Krist Novoselic tweet about how he likes us," said Sarah Everton, who sings and plays bass and guitar in the band. "And then when we listened to Dave Grohl say he was really into us on the WTF podcast, we all lost it. We're all huge Nirvana fans."

Everton said Nirvana's "In Utero" was the first CD she ever bought when she was 13 and she was inspired by its cover while doing art for Bleeding Rainbow's new album, "Yeah Right."

"Krist and Dave liking my band is the quintessential mind-f---," said Everton, whose Bleeding Rainbow plays Feb. 14 at Johnny Brenda's (Frankford & Girard).

And who knows? Maybe they'll get to play with Grohl and Novoselic's new outfit featuring Paul McCartney and Pat Smear, from 1980s punk act The Germs, who played live with Nirvana in later years.

You can hear Bleeding Rainbow on the band's site.

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