Alleged ringleader of Bolaris nightclub scam nabbed in Florida

John Bolaris is thrilled that the FBI apprehended Alec Simchuk on Thursday at Miami International Airport.

Simchuk is the Florida nightclub owner with alleged ties to an Eastern European crime ring which used attractive women to run up credit card charges of unsuspecting male tourists who may have been thinking more with another organ than with their heads at the time.

In May 2010, Bolaris' American Express card was charged more than $43,000 after he says he was urged to "Do shot," then drugged and scammed by two women he met in Miami.

Simchuk had been in Latvia when authorities came to arrest him and was nabbed after flying to Florida from his native country last week.

Former Fox 29 meteorologist Bolaris is due Oct. 9 in federal court in Miami to testify against several figures in the criminal organization behind the club scams. "Ive been waiting a long time for this," he told us Monday afternoon of Simchuk's arrest. "Life's been hell for two years and I can't wait for justice to finally be served," he said.

Asked to elaborate on his life being hell, Bolaris said "I haven't worked in seven months, my credibility and credit are hurting and I have become more of a cartoon than a chief meteorologist."


Bolaris is hoping to find work in Philadelphia so he can be close to his daughter.