Eagles lay a block on Comcast SportsNet's John Gonzalez?

As sports teams go, the Eagles are known to reporters as being the organization that complains the most about coverage and threatens to block access, or otherwise intimidate press outlets. The newest example of this could be the team's most brazen and apparently sucessful campaign of intimidation thus far.

Sources say that the Eagles front office approached Comcast SportsNet and said that the team didn't want John Gonzalez covering the team in any fashion. Gonzalez, who left the Inquirer for CSNPhilly.com over the summer, hasn't said a word about the team on the website, or posted about the Eagles on Twitter, where his musings have included football games such as Temple/Penn State coverage.

Gonzo, as he was dubbed at the Inquirer, declined to comment, and referred our inquiry to Comcast SportsNet spokeswoman Maureen Quilter, who said, "Comcast SportsNet and CSNPhilly.com have plenty of Eagles coverage with Ray Didinger and Reuben Frank on the digital side and Derrick Gunn on the TV side . . .. If we need John to write about the Eagles he will."

Asked again, specifically, whether the Eagles had complained about Gonzalez, Quilter replied: "We talk with all the teams, including the Eagles, all the time. And as a good business practice, we don't share those conversations with the public."

If Gonzalez upset the team, it likely was through his Inquirer columns. Asked if the Eagles had ever complained about Gonzo, Inquirer sports editor John Quinn said, "Every organization at some point complains about coverage and columnists."

Eagles spokesman Rob Zeiger says that the team "made no such request" about Gonzalez not covering the team.

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