Booker on Alycia: Don't believe everything you read


While Alycia Lane is off indefinitely from CBS 3, her boyfriend Chris Booker returned to the airwaves of Q102 this morning.

Booker’s show was on a previously scheduled vacation when the Daily News broke the story of Lane’s arrest in New York on Dec. 16. Shortly before 7 a.m. Booker said it was reported that he got out of a car and mouthed off to a police officer, but as he has a lot of respect for police and would have never done such a thing.

The radio host and former Daily News Sexy Single said not to believe everything you read because newspapers were just trying to sell copies and people are inclined to believe police. He said the reason the Dec. 16 incident has become such a story is that she’s a babe. Booker said he believes the situation will work itself out in the courts where Lane has an April 3 hearing date in Manhattan.