Promoters Withdraw Proposals, Philly Phucked out of Phestival.

Oh, well, it coulda been fun, but it looks like both concert promoters who were interested in bringing a festival style concert next summer to Fairmount Park's Belmont Plateau have withdrawn their proposals to the Fairmount Park Commission, according to sources familiar with the situation. We're told Larry Magid's Electric Factory Concerts, the local company with 40 years booking shows in Philly was the first to tell the Fairmount Park Commission that the company, upon further consideration, found the outdoor show would not be viable.

C3 Presents, of Austin, TX, promoters of the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago and Austin City Limits, has also withdrawn its bid for the show, apparently feeling the show is more trouble than its worth.

The  process became political early on as we reported that Magid's high-powered attorney Alan Kessler was lobbying Mayor Street and other city officials to steer the permit toward Electric Factory/LiveNation.

Last week Robert N.C. Nix III, president of the Fairmount Park Commission said it needed to see more info from both promoters over how to keep such a festival from shutting down half the city. 

Wasn't easy to reach any of the players today, but we'll definitely keep you posted on the story, which you read about first in our column.