Eagles address Luries Oscar snub, say it's all good

Charles Ferguson shouldn't count on Christina and Jeff Lurie to fund his next documentary.

The director of "Inside Job," which won best documentary at Sunday's Oscars, failed to thank the couple, who were executive producers of the film about corporate malfeasance and the 2008 Wall Street collapse, in his on-stage acceptance speech.


After thanking 12 other people, he did thank the couple backstage on Oscar.com's "Thank You Cam," but only after being prompted by producer Audrey Marrs.

Christina Lurie "felt like she was slapped in the face," wrote Metro's Laura Goldman yesterday, quoting a friend of Lurie's.

Ferguson told the paper that he had "inadvertently" forgotten to thank the couple, and said "Fortunately the Luries know how grateful I am to them for what they brought to this project."

In an e-mail last night, Eagles spokeswoman Pamela Browner White told us: "The Luries were very pleased to win an Oscar. They are extremely proud of the incredible job Charles Ferguson and Audrey Marrs did on the documentary, period! It was a great night and a great honor overall to be a part of such an important movie. There is nothing more to say."