West Philly Tool Library Empowers Do-It-Yourselfers

Heading into its second spring, The West Philly Tool Library has had its hand in many projects. So far this season, the Walnut Hill Community Association used the massive tool shed, and the man power of several other organizations, to build a playground at 47th and Sansom. One West Philadelphian borrowed a sledgehammer and circular saw from the Tool Library to build a backyard patio, completed with a cherry plum tree, in the remnants of some demolished rowhomes. Another borrowed the necessary tools and remodeled a bathroom. The Tool Library, located at 4620 Woodland Avenue, has more than 2,100 tools, tools to help Do-it-Yourselfers maintain a car, plant a vegetable garden, paint their chipped house, or fix a leaky faucet. They also offer the knowledge of how, if needed. The project is funded in part from its 550 members, with the aim of helping residents maintain their properties, and, in turn, the community.