Welcome to Philly Corners

The Men of Tustin meet in the Tustin recreation center. (Ed Hille / Staff Photographer)

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhood pride.

Ask a resident where they're from and they'll likely give you the name of a street corner, marking a place of memories and belonging.

They’ll tell you about Mister or Missus so-and-so who kept vigil from the window or front steps. They’ll take you by a church, a barbershop, mom-and-pop, or other hub where neighbors gather like family. They’ll introduce you to colorful characters that endure, and they’ll let you in on stories that are legend.

In the city’s patchwork of diverse neighborhoods, the boundaries are sometimes blurred. And there's a seemingly endless array of street clusters that take on their own identity from Bella Vista to Carroll Park and Strawberry Mansion to Fishtown. Some places are memorable, especially for their name, like North Philadelphia's Swampoodle.

Where does East Mount Airy become West Mount Airy? Even people in the neighborhood may not know.

Neighborhood names are ever changing to reflect a new identity. But no matter what the name, each tract retains something special, and holds to a unique identity that people rush to call home.

Philly Corners will offer snapshots of some of these places, the people who live there, and what's bubbling up.

Please share your stories from your corner of the city by emailing us at phillycorners@phillynews.com.