Hoagies for guns

Four days before Ricci Pagliarella opened his hoagie shop in Point Breeze, the second in his family business, the corner property was tied in yellow police tape. As the Crabhouse bar across the street let out that June 3, someone rained bullets on 22-year-old Joseph Addison-Bryant, hitting him three times and taking his life. 

A pile of stuffed animals now sits on the corner, with messages of RIP Crack - part memorial, part reminder.  And bullet holes still riddle a few row homes, and the side of Pagliarella's business.

In a small anti-violence effort, Pagliarella is offering hoagies for guns.

"I figure I'm new to the neighborhood," said the 53-year-old father of five, standing behind the counter, amid the aroma of onions and peppers. "Let me show I'm trying to save some people's lives."

In partnership with the police, the gun buy back program runs this Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Those who turn in a firearm at the shop, located on the 1200 block of South 21st Street, will get two free hoagies, a bag of chips and a soda - while supplies last.

While waiting for a turkey and cheese, one paying customer lamented to Pagliarella, rolling her eyes, "If you get them to turn over guns in this area, you're lucky."