Bike Racks Anyone?

Blog Image 621877 - Gregory
Bonnie Weller, Inquirer Staff Photographer. Bicycles hitched to a parking meter on Walnut Street.

In a trickle down of federal dollars, the city is looking to fund a new round of the Adopt-a-Rack program. The initiative could create bike-parking in places where parking meters and light poles are the only options. Imagine: bike-racks on residential streets, outside of businesses, community organizations, churches, schools...

"Anyone is eligible," says Andrew Stober, a director in the mayor's office of transportation and utilities. "Anybody who's willing to peel stickers off and occasionally paint the bike rack," he continues with a chuckle, noting the willing-to-maintain-the-bike-rack requirement. "I can't promise we'll put a bike rack in front of your house, but we'll take applications from anybody."

Bike riders must apply by next Wednesday, April 7.

Then, sometime in the fall, the streets department will install some 500 u-shaped racks for avid peddlers. Locks not included.