At Fishtown Shadfest, scavengers hunt down neighborhood lore

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(New Kensington CDC)

In a scavenger hunt held during tomorrow's Fishtown Shadfest, Fishtowners and Kensingtonians will be tested on how well they know their neighborhoods and waterfront. One clue will have contestants scattering through Palmer Cemetery, wildly looking for the first name of baseball designer Ben Shibe's relative, (apparently the first baseballs were made in Fishtown), who’s supposedly buried there. Here’s a hint: It's on a big tombstone with the number 1801.

The two-hour scouring over factoids starts at 11 am. Participants will be divided into occupational teams, such as the shipwrights, textile workers, and fishermen. And clues will be sent to them via text message, like: A world renowned art collector once lived on what tiny street?

"I think all neighborhoods have that sort of, 'that building used to be this'," says Laura Semmelroth, head of the New Kensington CDC, "and that’s what makes this neighborhood special, which is kinda cool."

The Shadfest ends at 6 pm in a music-and-food filled festival at Penn Treaty Park on Delaware Avenue. (Oh yeah, and it’s still Earth Day too).