You Asked, Howard Answered

Ryan Howard answers your questions in this week's Q&A.Ryan Howard answered some of your questions in today's Inquirer.

I'd like to have a Q&A with a player, coach, manager or front office official in every Saturday Inquirer this year. That might not always be possible, but I'll try. So keep checking The Phillies Zone every week for that week's participant. So far we've had Chase Utley, Mike Schmidt, Rich Dubee, Chris Coste and Howard. That's a pretty good group. I'd like to keep the Q&A's semi-serious because I like the idea of having fun with these people (we get to bore them with "serious" questions every day), so I'll continue to try to mix baseball questions with off-the-wall questions. Some weeks certainly will be easier than others so try to be creative, even if they're baseball questions. If you've got a good baseball question, I'll try my best to ask it.


I flipped on SportsCenter this morning and saw Chase Utley and Pat Burrell made the highlights from last night's 8-4 victory over the Reds. That's not a surprise. Utley hit two homers and Burrell hit one. But I featured Kyle Kendrick because he was the story entering the night. We know Utley and Burrell will hit. We know the Phillies will score runs. But we're still not sure what kind of season Kendrick can give the Phillies, and his success will play a major role in the team's success this season.

Jus like Adam Eaton's success will play a role.

Eaton starts today.


The Phillies activated closer Brad Lidge before today's game. The designated righthander Tim Lahey for assignment.  Also in the Phillies Notebook, a look at slow starts and bad springs.


Here's today lineup: 1) Jimmy Rollins 2) Shane Victorino 3) Chase Utley 4) Ryan Howard 5) Pat Burrell 6) Geoff Jenkins 7) Greg Dobbs 8) Chris Coste 9) Adam Eaton.