World Serious

The photo speaks for itself.

The headline? I've been covering the Phillies for six seasons, and I've been joking for years about putting the phrase "World Serious" into one of my stories. You know, something like, "The Phillies are World Serious." Of course, it's way too cheesy to put in the paper. But the good news is that it's too cheesy to use as a headline for this blog.

World Serious.


The Phillies beat the Dodgers last night in Game 5 of the National League Championship Series, 5-1, to clinch their first World Series berth since 1993. Ready or not, folks, the Phillies have a chance to win their first championship in 28 years. And the city has a chance to win its first championship in 25 years.

"This is going to be the year," Charlie Manuel said. "I can feel it, yeah."

I'm not sure what they showed on TV last night, but it was a very cool scene after the game as Phillies fans lingered behind the visitor's dugout and chanted everything from, "Four more wins! Four more wins!" to "We want beer! We want beer!"


Phil Sheridan talks about the chance of finally bringing Philly a championship.


Bob Ford writes about NLCS MVP Cole Hamels.


Jim Salisbury takes us Inside the Game, and also talks about the very select group Manuel has joined.


John Gonzalez can't believe what he just saw. Gonzo, Ford and Sheridan talk about the LA experience.


Dodgers fans are terrible. I actually saw a trail of tail lights in the parking lot in the fourth inning. No joke. Dodgers fans were leaving the game in the fourth inning. Even at their loudest, they couldn't match the enthusiasm I've heard in Philly in the NLDS and NLCS.

Manuel said he expects the Bank to be noisy as hell during the World Series.


Jimmy Rollins got things going in the first inning. ... Geoff Jenkins had a hell of a day. ... If Hamels wasn't NLCS MVP, it would have been Shane Victorino. ... Bill Giles talks about this fantastic feeling. ... World Series begins in six days. Are you ready? ... My advice: try to enjoy the moment as much as possible. You know how rare these moments are.