Why Mike Adams decided against surgery

The 30th pitch Mike Adams tossed Monday was a ball, and that signaled a merciful end to his first outing in 17 days. (Matt Slocum/AP)

LOS ANGELES — Mike Adams brought his glove with him to the field at Dodger Stadium while his teammates stretched Friday. He will not need it for some time. Earlier in the day, he received a platelet-rich plasma injection into his right shoulder, a measure he hopes can salvage his career.

The pitcher has three tears in his right shoulder. His 2013 is over, and now concern spills into 2014. Adams is under contract for $7 million.

His status is dicey.

The way Adams looks at it, he is increasing his odds by delaying surgery. But that option could be inevitable. For now, he will attempt a conservative approach.

"It gives me two chances to get back," Adams said. "If I skipped that part and just go straight to the surgery, that's my last shot. That's my one opportunity. We'll try it this way. If it doesn't work, then I go to surgery."

Depending on how long the Phillies employ this method of rehab, surgery could eliminate much of Adams' 2014. He has two tears in his labrum and one in his rotator cuff. Those are debilitating injuries.

The Phillies invested a great deal in Adams to pitch the eighth inning. Now they just hope he can pitch again, period.

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