Who is Your Hero?

If the Phillies beat the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series they will need a few players to be heroes.

Ryan Howard? Chase Utley? Jimmy Rollins?

Philadelphia Phillies arrive at Tropicana Field for practice October. 20, 2008. Phillies arrive in St. Petersburg to face the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the World Series on Wed. ( Michael Perez / Staff Photographer )

How about So Taguchi?

Don't laugh. The most unlikely of players come up big in the World Series, as Phil Sheridan explains. Hey, Matt Stairs hit the winning home run in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series in Los Angeles. Stairs hadn't made much noise since he joined the Phillies in late August. But now no matter what happens to him the rest of his career, in Philadelphia he will be remembered as the man that hit that bomb at Dodger Stadium.


The Phillies are loose.

How do I know this? Because everybody had a rubber duck in their locker after yesterday's workout at Tropicana Field. You see, Utley has been known to say, "Get the rubber duck out of your butt," on occassion. In other words, relax, chill, don't get tight. Utley said those words to Charlie Manuel during one of the playoff games, so Manuel had specially designed rubber ducks specially ordered and placed in everybody's lockers.


Bill Lyon said there is no reason to hate the Rays.


John Gonzalez, Bob Ford and Sheridan chit chat about the Series.


In the Phillies Notebook: the 25-man roster is expected to remain the same and the Phillies are learning the ground rules and artificial turf at Tropicana. I got a few e-mails from readers who thought Lou Marson should make the roster. I would have been shocked if that happens (and still would be). The Phillies are highly unlikely to put a hitter with four career at-bats in the big leagues on their World Series roster. ... Lefthander Scott Kazmir looks to be the Game 1 starter for the Rays. ... Rays reliever David Price is a secret weapon. ... Former Phillies coach Maje McDonnell, who still can be found at Citizens Bank Park, is loving life these days. ... Las Vegas likes the Rays.