What to do about Happ?

This is what Charlie Manuel said about the possibility of finding a start for J.A. Happ: “We’ll consider doing anything we have to do…I don’t mean we’re going to put Happ in the rotation just yet.”

Given the rotation’s atrocious numbers and Happ’s strong spring training and bullpen work, the young man seems like he could help out as a starter. But as you all know, that’s tricky. How do you get him in there? Moyer has a two-year contract and wouldn’t be an ideal reliever, Myers has re-committed to starting, Park earned himself another few turns….
I’m leaving for Philly in two minutes and won’t be covering the game tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with a question: What do you think the team should do about Happ? Don’t just say “start him;” come up with a plan for how, if that’s what you think should happen.