What happened with Durbin

"It wasn’t like I was hiding it on purpose, it was more a little bit of the stubbornness of me," Chad Durbin said. (Ron Cortes/Staff file photo)


This is what happened with Chad Durbin. He has felt mild pain in the lat muscle, located just below the shoulder blade, for several weeks, but believed he could pitch through it. After feeling the pain worsen, and not having command yesterday, he realized he needed to tell the team he was hurt.
Rich Dubee expressed disappointment with Durbin’s communication. “I don’t know if he’s been hiding it or what,” Dubee said. “He’s been masking it for a month and he shouldn’t have.”
Asked if he felt angry with Durbin, Dubee said: “I don’t like guys not to tell me the truth, so yeah…Angry? No. Disappointed? Yeah.”
“The timing of when it started happening was when all three guys were on the D.L, and I didn’t think it was that big an issue at first,” Durbin said. “It was one of those things where communication probably would have been...It wasn’t like I was hiding it on purpose, it was more a little bit of the stubbornness of me, thinking I could do it on my own.”
This is always a tricky thing in sports-when do you admit to yourself and others that you are hurt?
Romero was more straightforward, and the team has known since Friday that he was hurt. Dubee and Manuel said they were okay with having just one lefty out there for a while, and that Andrew Carpenter would probably pitch in long relief but could see later inning action. Tyler Walker acquitted himself well last time up, and was recalled again.
Romero expects to be back when eligible, and said he would probably be ready sooner. Durbin did not yet know his timetable.