What A Tool

I hope this guy doesn't believe in karma.

A guy dressed in full Phillies uniform -- complete with Phillies wristbands! -- showed up at the All-Star Fan Fest in New York and got people to actually hand him memorabilia to sign. This supposedly went on for 15 to 20 minutes before police escorted him out of the building. Note to memorabilia seekers: no player in his right mind would be in full uniform unless he's on the field. Ever. Another note to memorabilia seekers: have a clue who is signing your baseball, jersey, glove, etc. The name on the back of the jersey was C. Yeager, who wore No. 16. There never was a C. Yeager, who played for the Phillies. And every Phillies fan knows J.C. Romero wears No. 16 for the Phillies. As a side note, I think I've seen this guy before. Or at least I saw somebody just like him a couple springs ago in Bradenton, Fla. He showed up along the third-base line dressed in full uniform and players cracked jokes about his attire. Note to fans: no fan in his right mind should dress in a full Phillies uniform, unless he or she is under 10 years old.

Update: phillyblog.com said this guy's name is Cole Yeager. Read more about him here.

He seemed like a nice enough guy in the story, but the guy ruined baseballs and other memorabilia with his autograph because people believed he was a real player. That's pretty pathetic.