Werth Hits Third, More on Hamels

Charlie Manuel is praying for more offense, and he hopes Jayson Werth helps provide it.

He's having Werth hit third tonight against Nationals lefthander John Lannan.

Werth is hitting .313 with 15 homers and 33 RBIs in 128 at-bats this season against lefthanders. His 15 homers against lefthanders are the most in baseball. St. Louis' Ryan Ludwick has 13 homers against lefthanders. Baltimore's Melvin Mora, Chicago's Carlos Quentin and Chase Utley have 12. Tonight's lineup: 1) Jimmy Rollins, SS; 2) Chase Utley, 2B; 3) Jayson Werth, RF; 4) Ryan Howard, 1B; 5) Pat Burrell, LF; 6) Shane Victorino, CF; 7) Pedro Feliz, 3B; 8) Carlos Ruiz, C; 9) Cole Hamels, P.


So you're probably wondering why the Phillies don't just have Hamels pitch Sunday. He would be pitching on normal rest after all, right?

"He could be pitching on four days rest the rest of the year," pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "That's something he hasn't done for five starts in a row all damn year. You've got to take into consideration, if we go every fifth day for the next five starts, I don't think he's had a stretch all season where he's pitched five starts in a row on his regular rest. And he's also sitting on 195 innings right now."

Hamels has pitched on four days rest (normal rest) 15 times this season. He has pitched on five days rest (an extra day of rest) 11 times. He has pitched on six days of rest once. He made a season-high three consecutive starts on four days rest July 3-13. He went 1-1 with a 1.99 ERA in those three starts, but in the three starts after that, which included extra rest because of the all-star break, he went 0-1 with a 5.09 ERA.

That said, Sunday's starter in New York is officially listed as TBA. That means if it's not Hamels, it could be J.A. Happ instead of Kyle Kendrick.