Utley Drops Bombs and F-Bombs

New York Mets fans booed Chase Utley last night at Yankee Stadium, where he competed in the Home Run Derby.

His response?

Chase Utley grimances, and not because ESPN threw him under the bus last night at Yankee Stadium.

"Boo? (Bleep) you."

I'm sure we're shocked -- shocked! -- that a baseball player uttered such words. I mean, I know I've never heard or used such language in my life. And to direct such words towards Mets fans! I mean, that has never happened before. Because we just know Mets fans are some of the classiest fans in the world and deserve our utmost respect. But unfortunately for Utley, ESPN broadcast Utley's words over live TV for millions of viewers to hear. (If I'm Utley, I'm never wearing a wireless microphone again.)

"It was an unfortunate mistake," ESPN's manager of communications Nate Smeltz said in a statement. "We apologize to our viewers.

"There was a five-second delay in place for the competition, though this took place during the introductions."

To make matters worse, Utley hit just five home runs in the first round to fail to advance to the semi-finals.

Phillies fans' response?

"That's a (bleeping) shame."


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