Two pitching scenarios

Kyle Kendrick is 3-2 on the season with a 4.95 ERA. (Yong Kim / Staff file photo)

BOSTON -- Welcome to Fenway Park, where the Phillies have elected for some early batting practice under the cloudy skies. As I type, Wilson Valdez, Juan Castro and Ross Gload are hitting in the cage while Charlie Manuel and Milt Thompson watch.

The Phillies' hitting is the focus right now, for good reason. (Although you can probably throw Thursday's effort out the window. Josh Johnson was that good.)

But the Phillies face a pitching decision. Wednesday's rainout pushed Jamie Moyer into the Boston series and Kyle Kendrick into the Yankees series. Roy Halladay was scheduled to start the opener against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium (against CC Sabathia) but the rainout pushes him to Wednesday -- which would be six days from his last start.

So could the Phillies skip Kendrick and pitch Halladay on regular rest Tuesday? They have yet to announce starters for the Yankees series and hopefully we will find out soon.

It makes sense to pitch Halladay on Tuesday for a few reasons: No. 1, he can attempt to set the tone in New York. And No. 2, if he is bumped up a day, he will face the first-place Minnesota Twins in his next start rather than the last-place Cleveland Indians.

Not that Kendrick has been awful, although he is coming off his worst start in a month. (Also, none of this considers the possible return of J.A. Happ, who will pitch for double-A Reading on Sunday. But he probably needs two more rehab starts after that before he returns to the Phillies.)
The scenarios:

Friday vs. BOS -- Jamie Moyer
Saturday vs. BOS -- Joe Blanton
Sunday vs. BOS -- Cole Hamels
Monday -- OFF
Tuesday vs. NYY -- Kyle Kendrick
Wednesday vs. NYY -- Roy Halladay
Thursday vs. NYY -- Moyer
June 18 vs. MIN -- Blanton
June 19 vs. MIN -- Hamels
June 20 vs. MIN -- Kendrick
June 21 -- OFF
June 22 vs. CLE -- Halladay
June 23 vs. CLE -- Moyer
June 24 vs. CLE -- Blanton
June 25 vs. TOR -- Hamels
June 26 vs. TOR -- Kendrick
June 27 vs. TOR -- Halladay

Friday vs. BOS -- Jamie Moyer
Saturday vs. BOS -- Joe Blanton
Sunday vs. BOS -- Cole Hamels
Monday -- OFF
Tuesday vs. NYY -- Roy Halladay
Wednesday vs. NYY -- Moyer
Thursday vs. NYY -- Blanton
June 18 vs. MIN -- Hamels
June 19 vs. MIN -- Kendrick
June 20 vs. MIN -- Halladay
June 21 -- OFF
June 22 vs. CLE -- Moyer
June 23 vs. CLE -- Blanton
June 24 vs. CLE -- Hamels
June 25 vs. TOR -- Kendrick
June 26 vs. TOR -- Halladay
June 27 vs. TOR -- Moyer