Two lineups

Welcome to 18 innings of exhibition baseball.   The Phillies and Blue Jays begin a B game at 2:05, notable because Brett Myers starts and Jayson Werth presumably swings against live pitching. We travel to Dunedin for the Phillies and and Blue Jays at 7:05.


The Lineups: 

B Game

CF Ellison

2B Furmaniak

DH Slayden

1B Tracy

LF Werth

RF Walker

SS Chavez

3B Hewitt

C Gosewich


7:05 Game

SS Bruntlett

3B Giles

LF Ibanez

1B Dobbs

CF Mayberry

RF Jenkins

DH Cervanek

2B Ozuna

C Paulino


No wrapup of the day tonight due to the night game, but, of course, we'll have it all covered in the morning paper.

UPDATE:  You know what they say about assuming.  Well, Werth took six straight pitches in the bottom of the first, striking out.  We in the press box were a bit surprised, and will obviously ask about it later.  Scott Rolen hit a two-run homer off of Myers in the first.

 My bad on the two typos.  If you've even been to a B game, you understand.