Those Post-Trade Deadline Blues

Jimmy Rollins hits a two-run homer last night against the Nats. He's looking forward to facing the Cardinals this weekend.

Still got those post-trade deadline blues?

If this weren't the Internets, I'd say let's hug it out. But because it is the Internets, I guess we've got to talk it out. The Phillies came up empty before yesterday's 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline. But look at the bright side: they still have the Aug. 31 non-waiver trade deadline! Not doing it for you? Well, at least the Mets and Marlins didn't do much! No? Still not doing it for you? Well, how about the Phillies have won five consecutive games after last night's 8-4 victory over the Nationals?

Hmmmm ... I see this is going to take longer than I had thought.

Thankfully, Jim Salisbury tries to make sense of all this. He agrees with you: the Phillies will regret not improving their pitching staff. He wrote, "For too many years, ownership did not spend big money - that is, amounts above the recommendations of the commissioner's office - in the draft. The Phils have also come up short in spending in Latin America. (Last year they spent $850,000 in Latin America, this year about $1.5 million. According to multiple sources, both totals were near the bottom among major-league teams.) The reduced flow of top young talent into a system can hamstring a team when it needs to make a trade that might be the difference in winning a championship."

I get a lot of readers who e-mail and say, "The Phillies don't want to go for the jugular." Well, when you're armed with a plastic knife sometimes it's tough to go for the jugular. Salisbury makes a great point that we brought up over the winter when the Tigers got Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis: the Tigers had fistfuls of stud prospects to trade. The Phillies had Carlos Carrasco and a few other guys, but nobody that sniffed what the Tigers could offer. Perhaps the same held true in July, when they fell short in acquiring CC Sabathia and others that really could have made a difference.


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