There Are No Moral Victories, But ...

Adam Eaton pitched well in a loss to the Reds. Reason to feel good?It's one start, so nobody should jump to conclusions.

But Adam Eaton did pitch well yesterday in a 4-3 loss to the Reds at Great American Ball Park. He allowed three runs in 7 2/3 innings. That effort is notable for a couple reasons:

  1. He hadn't had a quality start since July 3 in Houston.
  2. He hadn't pitched more than seven innings since June 11 against the Chicago White Sox.

Eaton pitched poorly last season when he went 10-10 with a 6.29 ERA, but in his first start in 2008 he looked like somebody who actually could give the Phillies' offense a chance to win some games this year. If I'm the Phillies, I'm happy if Eaton keeps his ERA around 4.50 this season. If he does that he could win 12 games or so.

"That was a great performance by Adam," Jimmy Rollins said. "I think it was a confidence-builder for him. I think it was for our team with him on the mound. It's something that we needed to see from him. He fought his way through some innings and kept us in the game, because we weren't hitting early."

In other words, Eaton need this for himself and the Phillies need this for themselves. They might not say it publicly, but privately they wonder what effort Eaton will give them.


More on the ninth inning in which Chad Durbin walked the first two batters he had faced.


The Phillies play the Reds today and tomorrow before they fly to New York to open a three-game series Tuesday against the Mets.

Yeah, that should be a fun one.

Jim Salisbury talked with Paul Lo Duca, who witnessed the Mets' historic collapse firsthand last year.

"We had a monumental fold in the worst city you can do it in," Lo Duca said. "It wasn't very fun."


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