The story behind Manuel's absences

Our Jim Salisbury is at Bright House Field today, and he just called with a report on Charlie Manuel, who missed the exhibition games Saturday and yesterday due to undisclosed personal reasons.

 Turns out Manuel was preparing for a colonoscopy—though the 65-year-old manager stressed that he is in good health and that the procedure is routine. He suffered from diverticulitis ten years ago, and said that the colonoscopy is standard for those who have recovered from that serious colon condition.
On Saturday, he underwent a treadmill stress test, followed by an angiogram yesterday (Manuel's medical history includes a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery).
“My heart is good,” he said. “I’m fine. The reports are good.”
Jim said that Manuel was upbeat and smiling today while talking about this, enjoying a meal in his office and stressing the routine nature of these proceedings. He did not say exactly when the colonoscopy will occur.